Two PrattMWP students selected by GDUSA as students to watch in 2020!

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Sadie Broussard



When Sadie visited the Pratt Show in New York City as a freshman in high school, the pieces of art she saw deeply resonated with her. That show ignited her passion to pursue graphic design. Ever since, she has strived to achieve the same admiration she had for those works in that show. From then on, her life has been geared towards art. She prioritizes her art, focusing on improving and exploring all artistic opportunities given to her. Sadie has won top honors at several shows, as well as receiving several scholarships in order to pursue a higher education. Now a student at PrattMWP, her passion for art only grows. She has enjoyed a broad spectrum of projects assigned to her, tackling each one with immense ambition. Each project is preparing her to take on the graphic design world with confidence, focus, and enthusiasm. She’s determined to show the world what she can do. LINK TO GDUSA

Jose Ontiveros


My bio is different from my classmates in the sense that I’m ten years older than most of them. When I graduated high school in ‘08, I got into CCA to study graphic design. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to drop out before I even started. I went to a community college and ended up with an internship that eventually became a job as a photographer with a branding/design startup firm in the Bay Area. That job gave me the opportunity to travel all around the US and Japan for about 6 years. It was in Japan where I really was exposed to different types of radical and modern design concepts. I realized that as much as I loved documenting things other people created, I wanted to design things myself. Initially I wanted to major in industrial design before realizing I could combine my love of design/type/art into one if I pursued art direction. I’ve loved fashion ever since I was a kid, so that’s my interest going forward.

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