The Map – new short film by Gary Hustwit

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The film follows digital agency Work & Co as they redesigned the NYC Subway map for digital, creating a “live map” that dynamically responds to system changes. The MTA just released the live map yesterday. The map builds on the legendary 1972 diagram designed by Massimo Vignelli and Joan Charysyn. In the film, we get to revisit the controversy surrounding Vignelli’s map, including never-before-published images from photographer Stan Ries of the New York Subway Map Debate between Vignelli and John Tauranac in 1978.
The Live Map project was started before COVID hit, and was made pro-bono by Work & Co for the city, which I think is an incredible act of generosity. As Christopher Bonanos wrote in his New York Magazine profile of the project this week, “In this dire year for New York City and its transit system, this digital launch is a rare moment of things looking up.” Hear, hear.The Map (10 min) examines the evolution of wayfinding and user interfaces, and shows how good design and the latest digital technology can simplify one of the world’s most complex transit systems. Featuring Felipe Memoria, Rachel Haot, Sarah Meyer, Joshua Gee, Marcela Abbade, Karina Sirqueira, Robert Penner, and Mohan Ramaswamy. Watch it now.
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