Say Nope to Noise Pollution

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Noise pollution is the propagation of noise that has a harmful impact on both urban centers and wildlife alike; it is primarily caused by transportation systems and industrial zones. #SayNope is a campaign inspired by the #MeToo movement and its ability to use social media and the power of communication to create positive change. Our goal was to gather all the information we could on the harmful effects of noise pollution and to bring awareness to an issue that is very much present and relevant— yet virtually unnoticed. Ironically, noise pollution is the pollution you that never hear about. – Please watch or case study.

The Say Nope Team

Saynope team polaroid

Say NOPE Team: Hallie Kim, Matthew Dempster, and Mark Pei

Watch the Noise Video Installation
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Cindy Buckley Koren

Cindy Buckley Koren is the founder of {meetinghouse} Creative Collaborative and Professor of Communications Design at PrattMWP College of Art and Design


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