Love Hope & American Dream


Now in preproduction stage, LOVE HOPE & AMERICAN DREAM is a true story of rags to riches and fame to misfortune. The film will explore the legacy of American Artist Robert Indiana who created one of the world’s most influential pieces of typographic art in the 20th Century—LOVE.

A poor, young, transient, Midwestern artist moves to the Big Apple in the 1950s — he is invited into an exclusive artist community and discovers his deviant for the time sexuality. In the world of high art, he was considered a leader in the Pop movement until he left NYC for a remote island off the coast of Maine where he lived as an outcast among salty lobstermen. His autobiographical paintings and sculptures utilize the words: LOVE . TILT . JILT . HUG . ERR . EAT . DIE and HOPE which appear to be a self-fulfilling prophecy as his legacy is embroiled in a vicious courtroom battle.