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As a modern consumer, one of the best ways to support yourself while looking out for the future of your economy, community and the environment, is to support small business and actively shop small. Unlike corporate businesses, producing and operating within and for themselves, small businesses give back to the community while inspiring sustainable and ethical habits. Whether you shop online or in store, there are many easy ways to support local business and therefore the local community. My truth is aimed to shed light on the benefits of small sale shopping and service, as well as tips on how the average consumer can help the cause.

Olivia Norris is an accomplished illustrator and designer born and raised in rural Connecticut. She currently resides in New York as a full time graphic design student at the Pratt Institute, where she was honored with an ‘Outstanding Freshman’ award in 2020. Within design, she specializes in branding, art direction, editorial design, and illustration. Despite her focus on digital design, she has a love for traditional hand lettering, book illustration, and print.  Through the years she has been honored with several awards, including a Scholastic Art Awards Gold Key Scholarship and CT Emerging Artists Expo ‘Best in Show’ Grand Prize in 2019. On the side she is currently illustrating a children’s book for a CT self-published author.

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Cindy Buckley Koren

Cindy Buckley Koren is the founder of {meetinghouse} Creative Collaborative and Professor of Communications Design at PrattMWP College of Art and Design


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