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My idea is to create a zine called Verona State Prison because Verona is where Romeo and Juliet took place and most of the serial killers that I will be writing about were imprisoned in a state prison. This zine is about hybristophilia, how it affects women, and how this paraphilia is exploited within the media. The zine will be an editorial piece that is split up into seven sections. Within the zine will also be a page or little booklet consisting of notorious criminals whose looks have not only lured in their victims but have also spurred hybristophilic fan bases. The goal of my project is to create an educational piece that can serve as a travel read, toilet read, or waiting room read. My final goal for this project is to educate my reader and even help them discern between having an interest in learning true crime and hybristophilia.

Dana Hinkson
A ‘visual artist in-training’, Dana Hinkson was born in 2002 in Brooklyn, NY and currently resides in Easton, PA. Since the time she could remember, Hinkson has been obsessed with book covers. The fact that their attractiveness would bring her to want to buy the book without even reading the blurb interested her. After learning from a friend that graphic design was the discipline of visual art that those covers belonged to, she wanted to study it in her collegiate years. Currently a student at Pratt Institute, Dana Hinkson wishes to learn how graphic design is used as a capturing, manipulative business tool. She commonly works with designing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and tends to doodle on paper with whatever writing or drawing utensil is nearest to her.

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Cindy Buckley Koren

Cindy Buckley Koren is the founder of {meetinghouse} Creative Collaborative and Professor of Communications Design at PrattMWP College of Art and Design


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